Smart LCM (HMI)

Smart LCM, also called HMI. HMI is the acronym for Human Machine Interface which, simply put, is an interface between a user and a machine. HMI is a term specific to manufacturing and process control systems. An HMI operator interface & display panel 

HMI's can act as the centralized control unit for manufacturing lines as they are usually equipped with non-volatile memory containing data recipes, can execute event logging and event triggering, and can provide video feed for status monitoring. For a manufacturing line to be integrated with an HMI operator interface & display panel, it must first be connected to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Motion Controller. It is the PLC/Motion Controller that takes the information from the machine sensors and converts it into Boolean algebra to communicate with the HMI. Sinocrystal supplies HMI operator interfaces & display panels.

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Resolution Outline Dimension Active Area Interface IC Brightness Touch Screen View Direction Pin No. Shape
TFT TFT SCM035001-V01 3.5 320×240 93*70*15 70.08*52.56 / / 250 Option IPS / Rectangle