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Samsung Display Introduces a 13-inch retractable OLED panel! Realistic rendering of 3D content

According to SINOCRYSTAL information, Samsung Display (SDC below) and LG Display (LGD below) took the lead in panel morphology innovation. As the leaders in the OLED market, the two companies plan to take the lead in capturing the next-generation display market based on their technological capabilities.

According to the Korean media etnews report, SDC unveiled a 13-inch retractable OLED panel during the keynote speech on the third day of the panel components and equipment group of Global Tech Korea 2021 held in Seoul on September 8. Scalable OLED is a panel with stretch performance. It can be three-dimensionally telescopic according to the content displayed on the screen. The video of the demonstration released by SDC that day highlighted the sense of expansion and contraction that changed according to the content of the screen. By coordinating with the lava activity and the expansion and contraction of the OLED screen, the image is made more realistic.


SDC also unveiled the world's first scalable OLED at the 2017 SID exhibition. The product at the time was 9.1 inches. Through technological development, the company expanded the size of the telescopic panel to 13 inches. The expansion range is also higher than before, which means that the development of SDC expansion technology is very rapid.


Up to now, the telescopic panel has been rated as the most difficult technology. There is even a view in the industry that scaling is the ultimate goal of the panel.


Lee Changhee SDC Vice President said: "The deformation of the telescopic OLED was 5% before, but now its telescopic range has been greatly increased. Just as the folding panel has finally realized commercial use, various panels such as Slidable, Rollable, Strechable will also drive the whole machine. With market innovation, LGD is also actively responding to changes in panel morphology. Kim Jumjea, director of the LGD Institute of Basic Technology, said in a keynote speech: Compared with LCDs with complex parts and components, OLED has a simpler structure and is more suitable for free adjustment. It is a more advantageous display technology at the morphological level."

LGD also introduced that the company does not stop at the traditional TV, IT, Mobile and other markets, but expands to the construction, transportation, furniture and other markets for curved, rollable, and non-backlit OLED panels.

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