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5 inch 800x480 For HDMI Signal Touchscreen TFT Display Raspberry pi

5 inch HDMI LCD Display which is 800×480, 5 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface, Supports Multi mini-PCs, Multi Systems

  • Type: Raspberry
  • Mode: TFT
  • Product No: SCT050010-V01
  • Size: 5.0‘’
  • Resolution: 800*480
  • Outline Dimension: 120.70*97.05*7.27
  • Active Area: 108.00*64.80
  • Interface: HDMI
  • IC: -
  • Brightness: -
  • Touch Screen: CTP
  • View Direction: 12
  • Pin No: -
  • Shape: Rectangle
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5 inch IPS screen, 800×480 resolution, Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface for displaying, Micro-USB port for the touch panel and power,Designed for Raspberry Pi, BB Black, Banana Pi Nano Pi, etc;The following is about 5 inch HDMI LCD Display related, I hope to help you better understand 5 inch HDMI LCD Display


General Specification


Item of general informationContentsUnit
LCD Display Size(Diagonal)5.0inch
Module StructureLCD Display + CTP Touch + PCB
LCD Display ModeNormally White
Recommended Viewing Direction12o’clock
Gray inversion Direction6o’clock
Module size (WxHxT)120.70×97.05×7.27mm
Active area (W×H)108.00×64.80mm
Number of pixels(Resolution)800RGB×480pixel
Pixel pitch (WxH)0.135×0.135mm
Color Pixel ArrangementRGB Stripe
Module Interface TypeLCD DisplayHDMI interface
CTP TouchUSB interface
System SupportWin7/Win8/Win10(Plug and play) –
Android/Linux(need to be configured first) –
Power Supply USB(5.0V)
Module Power consumption480(Typ.)mA
Color Numbers16.7M
Backlight TypeWhite LED



Product Feature and Application of the 5 inch HDMI LCD Display

5 inch LCD screen, 800×480 hardware resolution, configurable by software;

Capacitive touch control;

Supports popular mini PCs such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, BB Black, Banana Pi, as well as general desktop computers

When works with Raspberry Pi, supports Raspbian/Ubuntu/Kali/Retropie/WIN10 IOT, driver free

When work as a computer monitor, supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7, five-points touch, and driver free

Supports popular game consoles like Microsoft XBOX360, Sony PS4, and Nintendo Switch, etc.

Multi languages OSD menu, for power management, brightness/contrast adjustment, etc.

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