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Smart Wearable Device

The world of wearable devices is booming. It’s at an all-time high, Every industry from medical to the military is developing new wearable devices to help enhance or provide completely new functionality. If you are in one of these markets and are in the process of creating a new wearable product you could find yourself needing guidance in choosing among the multiple display technologies available in the market.


Sinocrystal can guide you throughout the design, manufacturing and delivery process to ensure that you can turn your vision into reality. We will help you design the best display for your product at the best value.

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Outline Dimension Active Area
OLED - SCE096003-V01 0.96'' 26.70*19.26*1.41 21.744*10.864
OLED - SCE119001-V01 1.19'' 33.22*34.72*0.68 30.42*30.42
OLED - SCE0130001-V01 1.3'' 34.5*23*1.427 29.42*14.7
OLED - SCE139001-V01 1.4'' 38.6*40.5*0.67 35.4*35.4
TFT IPS SCT009003-V01 0.96'' 27.95*13.54*1.85 21.7*10.8
TFT IPS SCT009004-V01 0.96'' 27.40*27.00*1.46 24.408*20.137
TFT IPS SCT013003-V01 1.3'' 33.13*37.08*3.38 23.4*23.4
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