Reflective TFT LCD

Reflective LCD technology is quite simple: Instead of utilizing a backlight behind the LCD cell to illuminate the display, 

each pixel is formed by a diffused mirror making optimal use of available ambient light.

Reflective TFT LCD is full-color displays, which is able to display clearly under the sunlight and consume ultra-low power. 

They are perfect solution with outdoor readability and low-power battery operation is required.


Ultra-Low Power

Sunlight readable

Thin & Lightweight

Weather resistant

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Resolution Outline Dimension Active Area Interface IC Brightness Touch Screen View Direction Pin No. Shape
Reflective Reflective SCT015007-V01 1.54 200x200 29.46×31.71×0.72 27.66×27.66 4line-SPI ST7306 - - IPS 12 Rectangle
Reflective Reflective SCT021004-V01 2.13 122×250 27.068×56.2×0.72 23.668×48.5 4line-SPI ST7306 - - IPS 12 Rectangle