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Test and Measurement Equipment

Sinocrystal have a wide array of products designed and developed for Test and Instrumentation applications.

We have focused our entire range on high quality, industrial grade products to ensure our solutions offer both the performance and also the reliability that our customers have come to expect from our displays.

We have the ability to customise our displays and touchscreens to ensure the display is fully suitable for your application.

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Outline Dimension Active Area
TFT TN SCT024010-V01 2.4'' 47.72*60.26*2.40 40.32*56.26
TFT TN SCT028002-V17 2.8'' 50.00*69.20*2.50 43.20*57.60
TFT TN SCT035001-V11 3.5'' 76.90*63.90*3.27 70.08*52.56
TFT IPS SCT070013-V01 7.0'' 164.9*100.0*3.35 154.21*85.92
TFT IPS SCT080005-V01 8.0'' 174.00*136.00*2.45 162.05*121.54
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