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How to choose the optimal TFT LCD screen customization solution?

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When an electronic product is determined to use TFT color screen, how to choose the optimal TFT color screen solution?

First, consider what size this color screen needs?

The structure of electronic products, determines the color screen length and width size range, the thickness also determines the thickness. Then you have to inform your choice of TFT factory in this size range, let them check the size range of what ready-made mold color screen?

Secondly, according to the driving ability of your main control, focus on the resolution range of the screen in this size range. Then according to whether you choose the effect to the extreme, or cost-effective to the extreme. In the resolution size that can drive the choice of low score to do cost-effective or high score to do the effect.

How to choose the best TFT LCD screen customization program?

Third, the size, resolution determined, we must look at the motherboard is ready-made or customized motherboard. If the motherboard is off-the-shelf, you need to TFT LCD factory with the existing motherboard Pin and interface, in accordance with the development of your motherboard. If the motherboard is customized, according to the screen factory existing volume of the largest Pin definition and interface, directly take the ready-made development. Convenient delivery and continuous supply. Screen interface should also be noted that the screen generally have MCU interface, mipi interface, SpI interface, RGB interface, LVDS interface, EDP interface and so on. In the interface is not suitable, or the screen can not do when the motherboard demand interface. Can increase the conversion interface chip. For example, Mipi to LVDS.

Screen there is an important parameter is the brightness, look at the scene you use. Indoor ordinary brightness, or outdoor sunlight visual brightness, brightness and cost-related, and power consumption is also related. Different scenes of customers, the demand for screen brightness is different.

How to choose the best TFT LCD screen customization program?


Fourth: after the finalization of the single-screen program, we need to determine whether the product with touch? Is it with resistive touch or capacitive touch, whether to do GF process or GFF process, or GG process. The final lamination is full paste or frame paste. Whether you need to fit the shielding film, military customers generally have to do with the shielding film together.

The shape of TP can be molded according to your needs, the molding fee is also very cheap, the cycle of molding 10-20 days.

How to choose the best TFT LCD customization solution?

sinocrystal is a professional customized LCD factory. The factory focuses on LCD customization and production. You can try to communicate with us about the project, and you can find the optimal TFT LCD screen customization solution.

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