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What's the right resolution for a 3.5" screen

Our 3.5-inch screen is a different resolution, and different resolutions, can be for the clarity of your display, brightness, the use of the product also has a great impact, then choose how much resolution is appropriate? This point may go to the hard to defeat a lot of people, the following I'll go to you to share it, how to solve this problem.LCD Displays

3.5 inch screen resolution how much appropriate

First, 3.5 inch screen resolution how much appropriate


The display of the image of the screen is composed of many pixel points arranged, the screen resolution represents the number of pixels, when using the cell phone screen in the horizontal pixel points and vertical pixel points multiplied by the time, and then converted out of the ratio is the resolution of the screen.

I believe you have seen several expressions about resolution, such as 720P, 2K, 326ppi, they represent different meanings.

For example, 720P that the screen has 720 lines of pixels, the specific resolution of 1280 * 720; 1080P that the screen has a total of 1080 lines of pixels, the specific resolution of 1920 * 1080.

"2K, 4K" means "the total number of columns of video pixels". For example, 2K means that the screen has 2000 columns of pixels, and 4K means that the screen has 4000 columns of pixels. In general, any screen with more than 2000 horizontal pixels is called a 2K screen.

The full name "ppi" is Pixels Per Inch, which represents the number of pixels per inch of the screen, and is the pixel density of the phone screen.

Theoretically, the higher the value of ppi, the higher the density of the image displayed on the screen, and the higher the degree of fidelity and reproduction. This is calculated as follows:

3.5 inch screen resolution how much suitable

Second, 3.5 inch screen resolution the higher the better?


Many friends believe that the higher the resolution of the screen, the clearer the picture display effect, so are inclined to choose a high resolution 3.5-inch screen, in fact, on this point, we can dialectically to analyze.

(1) in the appropriate screen resolution, the screen of the cell phone screen will be more clear, the details are more rich and delicate, when we flip through the picture or watch the video, the visual experience will be better.

(2) If you use a cell phone with too high a screen resolution for a long period of time, it is easy to cause eye fatigue and myopia, although we should pay attention to the clarity of the cell phone, it is recommended that we still put eye health in the first place.

(3) At the same time, the higher the 3.5 screen resolution, the greater the power consumption during use. In addition, a higher resolution screen may require higher material costs, which will lead to an increase in the selling price, which is undoubtedly an increased burden on the average user.

(4) In short, the screen resolution is not the higher the better. When you choose a cell phone, do not overly pursue a high-resolution screen, but rather to choose the appropriate size of the screen resolution.

So that 3.5 inch screen resolution is the most suitable size, is necessary for you to carry out calculations, how much resolution, and then go to correspond to how much the size can be, this way is the most appropriate, you can go to their own test.

Third, 3.5-inch screen resolution have those

3.5 inch screen common resolution and size, including 240 * 320, 320 * 480, 480 * 272, 480 * 854, etc., LCD resolution, refers to the number of LCD pixels, usually the number of pixels in the horizontal direction multiplied by the number of pixels in the vertical direction, the same size of the LCD screen, the higher the resolution, the display of the effect of images is also The higher the resolution, the clearer the image display will be.

3.5 inch screen resolution how much suitable

Fourth, 3.5-inch LCD screen application areas

3.5 inch lcd display using iron frame design, high and low temperature is a wide temperature design, stainless steel material is more robust and durable


The medical industry using 3.5 inch lcd display is also very common, such as: respiratory, monitor, electrocardiogram, oximeter, spirometer and other medical instruments are used 3.5 inch lcd

Display, and the use of the resolution is more, 320 * 240, 480 * 854, 320 * 480 and high-definition 640 * 960 are used cases.

On the 3.5-inch screen resolution how much suitable, share here, if the problem has not been solved, you can contact sinocrystal!LCD Displays

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