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The Difference Between Positive And Negative LCD Display

LCD display usually have 2 types: positive display & negative display,  Today we will take the following segment LCD as an example, to introduce the difference between these 2 types of display.

1. Positive Display

The so-called positive display is to show the color of the content to be darker than the background color, such as yellow and green background black (yellow and green screen) gray and white background black (FSTN), such screen sunlight display effect is better. LCD monochrome 


As shown in the above 2 figures, the bottom is gray and white background / green background, the word is black, the word color is darker than the background color, that is, the positive display.

There is a simple way to distinguish, is that the vast majority of positive word color are black words, just said that such screens in the sunlight display effect is good, it is also because the word is black, so in the sun is not easily affected by the result.

2. Negative display

The so-called negative display is to show the color of the content to be lighter than the background color, such as white on a blue background (blue screen), white on a black background screen (VA segment display), such screens are relatively high contrast, the display effect in the room to be better than the positive display.


As shown in the above 2 figures, the bottom is black/blue background, the word is white, the color of the word is lighter than the bottom color, that is, negative display.

There is also a simple way to distinguish, that is, the vast majority of negative display word color are white words, because the LCD itself is not luminous, negative display word color is actually the backlight through the glass hit the color, backlight white hit the word is also white, in other words, negative display must have a backlight to display the content of.

At the same time, the negative display there is a very common practice is the color screen printing, plus screen printing LCD will become colorful and diverse, see.


It can be said that because of this practice, the LCD screen will become more characteristic and innovative, many customers in our company to open the mold to customize a variety of LCD screens, and in order to reflect the effect of high-end, will choose the negative display + color screen printing, which is also a very worthy of everyone to choose the product.

Finally, leave a question, these 2 pictures on the LCD display effect in the end is positive or negative display? Welcome to leave your comments.


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