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The Important Parameters of LCD Display _ TFT Display Module, LCD Factory

What are the important parameters of LCD Display

Sinocrystal will make a brief introduction to the segment display:

Visual angle

Viewing angle and reaction speed are the common characteristics and common differences of LCD.

At present, the screen on the mobile phone, collectively referred to as TFT screen, is most contacted by people. Basically, there is no attenuation in the viewing angle range, while the low-end TN, HTN and STN LCD screens have obvious viewing angle differences.

Noun parameters in the industry: 6h, 9h, 3h, 12h It means 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 12 o'clock. Take a hanging clock as a reference to explain the viewing angle direction, 6 Point is the bottom view, point 3 is the left view, point 9 is the right view, and point 12 is the top view. This is especially critical when shopping.


Temperature is also one of the main parameters of LCD screen. During customization, the screen factory will send a drawing with such essential parameters as "working temperature and storage temperature"Item. Pay attention to this parameter during design and consider the environment in which the product works. LCD screen is generally divided into 3-4 ranges, including normal temperature (0-50) range, wide temperature (- 20-75) range and super high temperature

Wide temperature (- 30-85) range. When the selection is wrong, the following reactions will appear: the reaction will be slow at low temperature, and there will be background shadow at high temperature.

Driving mode and voltage

The driving mode is the setting that matches the driving IC, so the driving IC should be selected before selecting the LCD. The driving IC has a detailed description. Or it can be directly made into a display module without examination

Considering this content, the terms in the industry are: duty cycle and bias ratio. As long as these two parameters are provided, the LCD factory will have a solution, and the voltage also needs to be provided.

Truth table

Needless to say, this is a table for software programming to identify the address of LCD


Display mode:

That is, the effect display. At present, the low-end screen can only be black and white. The display principle of LCD shows that it cannot emit light in this life, so it needs the bottom backlight to see clearly. Therefore, there are many combinations among them, such as positive mode, negative mode, full transparent mode and semi transparent mode. Generally, the positive mode is black word white background, and the negative mode is black and low backlight

Backlight color, half transparent mode is positive, bottom backlight, full transparent mode is negative and positive, and most of them belong to backlight display.

Connection mode

There are many ways to link glass devices, such as hot pressed paper, zebra stripes, metal feet, soft lines and so on