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1.54 inch Mono TFT 200x200 Resolution Reflective TFT LCD display

SCT015007-V01 is a 1.54 inch Mono TFT display with a Low Power Reflective LCD panel. It has a resolution of 200x200 pixels and a built-in ST7306 driver IC that supports 4line-SPI interfaces.

  • Type: Reflective
  • Mode: Reflective
  • Product No: SCT015007-V01
  • Size: 1.54
  • Resolution: 200x200
  • Outline Dimension: 29.46×31.71×0.72
  • Active Area: 27.66×27.66
  • Interface: 4line-SPI
  • IC: ST7306
  • Brightness: -
  • Touch Screen: -
  • View Direction: IPS
  • Pin No: 12
  • Shape: Rectangle
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General Description

This Module SCT015007-V01 is TFT Liquid Crystal Display Module. This specification covers the delivery requirements for the liquid crystal display module delivered by quality to Customer.

1.1.       Mechanical & Display Specifications

ItemStandard valueUnit
LCD Size1.54inch
Dot Matrix200 × 200pixel
Module Size29.46 ×31.71   ×0.72mm
Active Area27.66 × 27.66mm
Dot Pitch0.1383 × 0.1383mm
Color depthMono, black and   white-
Display ModeNormally White-
Viewing DirectionAll-
Gray Scale Inversion DirectionAll-
Driver ICST7306-

2.1.       Interface Pin

Pin No.SymbolTypeDescription
3VPPIThe programming   power supply. Left this pin open.
4SDAI/OSerial data   Input and output
5SCLISerial clock   input
6RSTIreset signal
7A0IDisplay   data/command selection pin in 4-line serial interface
8CSIChip Select   signal
9VDDIPPower supply   for Digital
10VDDAPPower supply   for Analog

Technical support

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