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16x2 STN Mono Character LCD Display MPU interface, AIP31066 IC

SC1602005-V01 is a Character LCD Display with 16*2 resolution, it built in with AIP31066 IC, it supports 8-bit MPU interface, 16 PIN, 6 o'clock View direction.

  • Type: Character
  • Mode: STN/Y-G
  • Product No: SC1602005-V01
  • Size: -
  • Resolution: 16*2
  • Outline Dimension: 85*30*11.8
  • Active Area: 64.3*16
  • Interface: 8bit MCU
  • IC: AIP31066
  • Brightness: -
  • Touch Screen: No
  • View Direction: 6
  • Pin No: 16
  • Shape: Rectangle
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General Specification


ItemStandard ValueUnit
  Display Type16 Characters x 2 LinesMm
  Driver ConditionLCD Module : 1/16 Duty , 1/5 BiasMm
  Viewing Direction6 O’ClockMm
  Backlight TypeSIDE Y-GMm
  Interface8-bit MPU interface
  Driver ICAIP31066
  Outline Dimension84*44*11.8mm
  Viewing Area64.3*16mm
  Dot size0.56(W) ´ 0.61(H)mm
  Dot pitch0.6(W) ´ 0.65(H)mm
  Character size2.96(W) ´ 5.16(H)mm

Interface Definition


Pin No.SymbolFunction
1VSSGround (0V)
2VDDSupply Voltage for Logic (+5.0V )
3VOContrast Adjustment
4RSData/Instruction Select
5R/WRead/Write Select
6EEnable Signal
7DB0Data Bus
8DB1Data Bus
9DB2Data Bus
10DB3Data Bus
11DB4Data Bus
12DB5Data Bus
13DB6Data Bus
14DB7Data Bus
15LED_ALED Power Supply + (5.0V)
16LED_KLED Power Supply – (0V)


Technical support

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