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MicroLED process flow and film formation-processing technology introduction

How sinocrystal touch screen manufacturer MicroLED is used for lighting and other light sources, after the miniaturization of LEDs is applied to displays, it is highly anticipated as the next-generation display technology after LCD and OLED.

MicroLED process flow:

1. PSS&Buffer layer formation

The surface of the substrate is etched to form a cone shape and improve reflectivity. In addition, by forming an AlN Buffer layer, uniform crystal growth and a smooth surface can be achieved.


2. EPI & transparent conductive film formation

The EPI layer is formed by MOCVD and the transparent electric film (ITO) is formed by sputtering.


3. Transparent conductive film composition

When processing ITO films, particle control is very important.



4. Mesa + Isolation processing


MicroLED's LCD screen film forming/processing technology

1. ITO film formation of transparent electrode film

When the ITO film is formed by sputtering, negative ions accelerated in the electric field near the TG surface are incident on the substrate at a high speed, causing damage to the ITO film on the substrate. LVS is a method of lowering the sputtering voltage (negative ion acceleration electric field) and forming an ITO film in a low-damage manner.


2. PSS processing

The surface of the substrate is etched to form a cone shape to improve the light reflection efficiency.


3. Etching (ITO processing)


4. Etching (GaN Mesa processing)



5. Etching (GaN Isolation processing)


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