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Medical & Beauty Display

Sinocrystal have a wide range of products designed and developed for the medical & Beauty Industry.

Our displays are built entirely with industrial grade components, to guarantee optimum performance and reliability in medical applications

We understand that medical products have a long design process, and solutions have to reliable and of the highest quality to meet the modern day expectations of the industry

We can even customize our solutions to ensure every aspect of your requirement has been covered, and our products also have long product cycles to ensure long term availability and peace of mind going forward.

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Outline Dimension Active Area
TFT IPS SCT013003-V01 1.3'' 33.13*37.08*3.38 23.4*23.4
TFT IPS SCT015002-V02 1.54'' 31.52*33.72*1.73 27.72*27.72
TFT TN SCT070005-V04 7.0'' 164.9*100.0*3.4 154.21*85.92
TFT TN SCT080004-V01 8.0'' 183.00*141.00*10.26 162.0*121.5
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