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Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays

As the most popular display, Hight brightness LCD are more and more pupolar for people to choose for their development device.

Why more and more people want to choose high brightness display? Let’s move on:

Sunlight Readable Displays enable us to see clear, sharp image or video even in direct sunlight.

Most applications offer only 150 to 300nits brightness.

But in outdoor or bright conditions, it is important to increase the brightness of a display to ensure crisp images.

Most TFT displays use a transmissive polarizer, which performs poorly in direct sunlight.


And usually we will use 2 common methods to make the displays readable in direct sunlight:


1. Overpowering the Sun
With this method, we will increase the display’s brightness between 700 Nits to 1000 Nits to overpower the sun’s brightness.
PS: Iphone strongness brightness is around 400nits.

But, there are some disadvantages with Ultra high brighness backlight:
1. Battery life will be reduced with brighter backlights.
2. It will make The LED’s half-life shorter.
Half-life is the amount of time in hours before the LED is half as bright as when it was first turned on. Many LEDs maintain a half-life of 70K hours if driven at a normal current. Overdrive LEDs can reduce half-life to 20K hours or less.
3. The brighter backlight generates increased heat that may shorten the lifetime of the displays.


2. Transflective Polarizer’s Work With the Sun
Transflective polarizers reflect a large percentage of the sun’s light and greatly reduce the wash out caused by the sun’s rays.
Transflective LCD Displays are now more and more popular in these years. Since the cost is reducing, now more people will choose this type for the applications require sunlight readable. Even it’s cost is still higher than transmissive displays, but the gap is closing.
Many applications such as industrial, medical and marine electronics require sunlight readability. Which makes the marketing growing up day by day. If you are looking for a high brightness display for your project, we can make that for you!

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