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Automotive Equipment

Sinocrystal design and engineering expertise in the automotive market is world-wide. From common to complex applications, we can innovate and support your automotive projects. 

We can also tune any of our standard displays to work better for your environment. We offer anything from wide-temperature fluid for automotive applications to display module ruggedization for harsh or humid environments to tuning our capacitive touch screen with glove and stylus support in mind.

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Outline Dimension Active Area
TFT TN SCT070002-V01 7.0'' 165.00*104.00*6.5 153.6*86.64
TFT TN SCT070010-V01 7.0'' 165*10.0*7.38 154.21*85.92
TFT IPS SCT070013-V01 7.0'' 164.9*100.0*3.35 154.21*85.92
TFT TN SCT090001-V01 9.0'' 206.7*122.93*1.43 198*111.696
TFT TN SCT101005-V02 10.1'' 235*143*5 222.72*125.28
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