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Industrial Equipment

Sinocrystal have a wide range of products designed and developed for Industrial applications. Our display modules are built with industrial grade components, to guarantee optimum performance and reliability in the most testing environment. We are original manufacturer with strong engineer team array of the most innovative industrial display solutions, with cost effective pricing.

Besize the standard displays on selling we can also customize solutions to fit a bespoke requirement or offer a drop in replacement for your current solution at a lower cost.

Type Mode Product No. Size Picture Outline Dimension Active Area
Raspberry IPS SCT070021-V01 7‘’ 165.30×121.00×7.75 154.08*85.92
Graphic STN/Y-G SC12864032-V02 - 71.0*51.8*5.3 65.5*38.0
TFT TN SCT018003-V01 1.8'' 34.00*45.83*2.60 28.032*35.040
TFT IPS SCT024019-V01 2.4'' 42.72*60.26*2.45 36.72*48.96
TFT TN SCT070002-V01 7.0'' 165.00*104.00*6.5 153.6*86.64
TFT IPS SCT080005-V01 8.0'' 174.00*136.00*2.45 162.05*121.54
TFT TN SCT101006-V01 10.1'' 229.46*149.1*2.5 216.96*135.6
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