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8 inch 800*600 TFT LCD display module RGB Interface RTP Screen

SCT080004-V01 is a TFT LCD Display with 800*600 resolution Normal Black RGB 50pin 12 o’clock.

  • Type: TFT
  • Mode: TN
  • Product No: SCT080004-V01
  • Size: 8.0''
  • Resolution: 800*600
  • Outline Dimension: 183.00*141.00*10.26
  • Active Area: 162.0*121.5
  • Interface: RGB
  • IC: -
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Touch Screen: RTP
  • View Direction: 12
  • Pin No: 40
  • Shape: Rectangle
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General Specification



ItemStandard valueUnit
LCD Size8inch
Dot Matrix800(RGB) × 600pixel
Module Size183.00 × 141.00 × 10.26mm
Active Area162.00 × 121.50mm
Dot Pitch0.2025 × 0.2025mm
Pixel ConfigurationR.G.B. Stripe
Color depth262K
Display ModeNormally White, Transmissive
Technology Typea-Si
Viewing Direction12 o’clock
Gray Scale Inversion Direction6 o’clock
Driver ICTBD
InterfaceRGB, DE Mode
LED Numbers27 LEDs

  Interface Definition



Pin No.SymbolTypeDescription
1APLED Backlight driving anode
2APLED Backlight driving anode
3KPLED Backlight driving cathode
4KPLED Backlight driving cathode
5GNDPPower ground
6GNDPPower ground
7VDDPPower supply
8VDDPPower supply
9VDDPPower supply
10VDDPPower supply
11DEIData enable
12GNDPPower ground
13B5IBlue data
14B4IBlue data
15B3IBlue data
16GNDPPower ground
17B2IBlue data
18B1IBlue data
19B0IBlue data
20GNDPPower ground
21G5IGreen data
22G4IGreen data
23G3IGreen data

Technical support

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