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On the afternoon of January 9, 2021, UMC, the second largest contract wafer manufacturer in terms of production capacity after Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., reported an explosion at its plant in Taiwan. The plants currently have some 8 inch wafer production lines that may also be affected. Which means the 8 inch displays might be affected and delay for this accident.

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At 1:33pm on January 9, an abnormality caused a power outage in UMC’s Gas nsulated Switchgear (GIS) equipment that services its Fabs 8A and Fab 8CD in Hsinchu, leading to a short-term electrical interruption for those fabs. After the incident, the company immediately started emergency response procedures and has since been resuming to production. But for the accident, a small number customers may encounter adjustments to wafer shipment dates; and shipment status for some 8” displays might be delay.

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